Fostering greater cross-cultural and intergenerational links is our primary task. Through a number of local programs, we aim to support, empower and provide high quality resources to the community in a safe and secure environment. We introduced new programs in 2020 to address the intensified needs and problems caused by COVID. Most of our programs are entirely free for all members of the public.

Image by Hannah Busing
Ray of Light


Join us for a free 6 month group coaching program designed for 16-30 year olds, offering a safe place to share, build resilience and uplift each there. Led by a counsellor and a holistic wealth and wellbeing coach to help you reduce pandemic-related stress.


Few groups are as vulnerable during COVID as seniors, especially from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This is our flagship program for alleviating your isolation, helping the community to be more connected during these times.

Women Holding Hands
Volunteering Group


Women you experience family and domestic violence can feel isolated and vulnerable. This program aims to build resilience and connection thorugh therapeutic support, group work and coaching.


If you have the capability to give back to the community and the desire to make a huge difference locally during the pandemic and beyond, please reach out to us. We'd love to have you as part of our team as an emotional support provider, caller, dog walker, personal grocery shopper or workshop leader.