Image by Hannah Busing


What: UC is a collaboration between NBMC and, a holistic wealth and wellbeing coach and consultant. UC offers a 6 moth program, free of charge, aimed at giving participants a safe space to share, learn effective tools that reduce stress, build resilience in their communities and uplift each other.

Who: 16-30 year old suffering pandemic-related stress.

Why: This program was established in response the overwhelming mental health impacts of the pandemic.

How: Run online through a FB group (link below). The program features a combination of presentation from the lead counsellor. and lead coach on effective stress management tools, as well as an interactive share and learn component.

When: Fortnightly online meet-ups starting 2nd March, running every second Wednesday from 7pm-8:30pm.

Visit our dedicated FB page: LINK

To register for a Zoom link, please visit this page: LINK